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12-02-2004, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Dion Mustard
In one word, YES. But the Knights have already bought their way into the dance, and Moncton has to do something London has never done, and earn their way in this year. In otherwords, Moncton has to get to the Memroial Cup before we can say if they can beat anybody.

As Blind Gardien said, it can be a 1 game show down, and anything can happen. The Knights will win one of their round robin games and sneak their way into the semis, only to lose there. Which team they beat is up in the air now.

Get your ugly face off this board if all you wanna do is make fun of the Knights for hosting the tourney. Would you be all over Kitchener or Barrie if they won the rights to host the mem cup. The Knights EARNED the right to host the tourney by being #1 in the CHL last year with the majority of there players coming back this year. They had the best all around bid (team, city and arena) and just to prove idiots like you wrong they are trying to earn there way to the cup ..... oh and I think going 25-0-1 is a pretty good start don't you?

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