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10-25-2009, 02:28 PM
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You better believe I'll jump on this wagon! I was EXTREMELY upset with the new sales program this year. I think instead of taking a step back, they took several giant leaps back. And yes, it seems to be biting them in the tail already.

The 7 day advance thing is just plain wrong. Why would you take away all of those seats that you normally fill at 6:00 that are now just going empty? I agree with WalkerBabe, I usually can't plan ahead a week and tell if its going to work to take in a game or not. And if I can't, I'm guessing the casual hockey fan probably won't either.

Their student discount and Harris Teeter program that they had available for just about every game night last year is now limited to about 10 games. And yes, they are just about all on the SAME game as the other discount program is available. Now that my friends is just good old plain brilliance.

One of the biggest things that turned me off was the very poor customer service I received like canesnecu was saying. At the start of the season we both sent quite lengthy emails to them telling them how disappointed we were with the changes and wondered if we could get an explanation why some of them were started. They were both very polite and didn't have any bad language. On the contact us website they promise that you will receive a response to your email within 24 hours. It's been months now and neither of us ever heard back. I realize it would be difficult to respond to everyone, but either take down your promise to reply or actually do it.

And lastly I had been a season ticket holder for several years before this one. Since I moved farther away and went back to school I sadly had to drop them. Just yesterday some sales dude called me and wondered if there was anyway I would be interested in coming back. So yes, I think they are learning the hard why that this might not be the best marketing program they've ever had...

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