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10-25-2009, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Webersmashpuck View Post
This is no way Trotz is fired before the trade deadline. We have had our top line intact for 1 game. Without Tootoo or even a Nichol stirring the pot Belak is useless so it really looks like our team has no toughness and aggressiveness. Injuries have decimated the team, we need to see what happens when we get our best goal scorer and best hitter back.
I keep hearing that, but folks, our top line is not the real problem. Yes, we really look pathetic without that group intact, but in this league it is truly easy to play matchup against a one line offensive threat team. You will win 80% of the time, unless a goalie is standing on his head behind that team (which we sometimes get). So a usually strong defensive system and better than average goaltending has masked the offensive challenges of this team until lately. Guess what? Even when that line is 100% healthy, players are streaky. They do not always get the shot in the net. That is why you need to be dangerous beyond one line.
It is true that we have too much money tied up in Legwand and Erat. Poile gambled those guys had not reached their peak yet, and as of now it looks like he has lost -- at least under present coaching and systems.

In other markets assistants (at least) and likely even Trotz would already have been fired. Because it is easier and cheaper to fire your head coach than to dump players. Someone has to take that excessive salary from you.

It is possible another coach could come in and implement a different system with these same players and get better results. I kinda doubt it, as this is probably Trotzy's strong suit-- getting more from less. Does it necessarily mean that is best for a forward's long term development to be in his system? That is a good question, when you look around and see absolutely zero forwards that have graduated from this team and thrived (Peverly does not count).

So, we have an ownership group that has vowed to stay out of the hockey business and leave that to DP. A ticket market that is probably the most fragile economically since the franchise has been in existence, that will create pressures on that ownership group. DP is known to be perhaps excessively patient. A team that has been rocked by injuries it cannot afford, and is racking up an early season points deficit that will be hard to deal with later. Who knows how it will play out, but something in this chain has got to give.

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