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12-03-2004, 12:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola
The season deadline is just around the corner. It doesnīt seem likely but there is a possibility that the NYR might play in less then a month. There are allot of holes in our lineup, last spring I was all for signing atleast 2-3 UFAīs to help the younger players into the NHL. But Iīve changed my opinion since then. Sure we could use a LW to play with Jagr but I donīt think there is anyone out there who makes any sense at this point. The defense is also far from perfect, but we already have 8-9 defensemenīs who are ready to play in the NHL, and guys like Liffiton on the farm who could be ready in a year or two.

This is how my D-pairings would be:
Kaspar-Poti //these two have to step up. And I belive they would...
Tyutin-Kondratiev //Makes allot of sense!
Rachunek-Lampman //I really like Lampman. He is a quality hockey player and it would IMO make more sense to play him in the NHL then Pöck at this time. Thomas could use a year in the minors.
Reserve: Strudwick.

The point with this season should IMO be to give as many young players as possible a oppertunity to play in the NHL and establish a platform and identity what the future NYR should be about. This will be impossible if we are blown out almost every game. Below Iīve constructed a line up that I personally belive would make us "enough" competetive. I belive that the first line is gooing to put us on the score board most nights. The second line should be able to generate some offense. If not Iīve overrated them. The 3rd(A) line with Betts is out there to work hard every night, and to create space for the other lines. I love the composition of the 3rd(B) line... The three of them is what the future Rangers is all about IMO.

1st line Nylander-Holik-Jagr
Allot of people are always screaming for that Holik should be used at the right position, as a shut down checking line center. Personally I donīt even see Holik as a typical checkingline center a lá Draper. I see Holik as a tremendous "balance" player. What Holik does best is to keep the puck ahead of him. He has very good positioning and timing, he goes into the right battles for the puck and wins them. Nylander is always all over the ice and Jagr wonīt take much defensive responsibility so I donīt see the point in putting someone like Moore or Wiseman on that line to clean up behind Nylander and Jagr...

2nd line Moore-Lundmark-Balej
These three should be able to develop some chemistry. In order for these guys to make it to the NHL they have to be able to take care of themselfs. All three work hard all over the ice and have enough speed to go around.

3A Wiseman-Betts-J. Green/Lacouture
Wiseman, Betts and Gernander are playing great in the AHL. I donīt expect much offense from this line. They have size and speed and would hard be to play against.

3B Murray-Helminen-Ortmayer
I would love to see these three together. I have high hopes for all three in the future. I belive that this line and the 2nd line will represent what the NYR future is all about. Hard work, speed and great attitude& "hockey smarts".
My lines would be something like this:
Prucha - Nylander - Jagr
Moore - Lundmark - Balej
Murray - Holik - Giroux
Helminen - Betts - Ortmeyer

Lampman - Poti
Kondratiev - Tyutin
Kasper -Rachunek

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