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10-26-2009, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Prudentius View Post
Wow, didn't thought LA fans were this bitter after we won the cup. I mean, you get Price which would be a very valuable asset(and a much better goalie than Quick despite what you think). He just need a change of scenary. His ceiling is at least 500% higher. In return we get J. Johnson which is very good, but not nearly as good as he was hyped to be a few years ago.

Ersberg is garbage, Frolov is garbage, S. Kost is garbage.

You get Hamrlik which is a very reliable defenseman right now(probably better than Johnson) for this year and the next. And we take Stoll off your hands. On top of that, you get some free cap space, what's not to like?

If you are crying like a bunch of wimps though, I can add A. Kost to this proposal. Hope you'll stop crying bout the fact u lost the cup in 1993.
do you REALLY believe everything you type here?

this is literally one of the dumbest proposals i've seen on here, and you rag on other people because they KNOW it's an IDIOTIC proposal?

there's a good chance the OP plays a lot of 'Be a GM' mode on NHL 10...

oh, and just to let you know how stupid this proposal was, it made the Yahoo! Sports Puck Daddy blog as the stupid trade proposal of the week from HF Boards.

nice work!

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