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10-26-2009, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by karparules View Post
In my opinion, this was a straightforward hockey decision. Sutter is better than Yelle at this point in their careers. The team is struggling and Yelle wasn't bringing much to the table. For all the talk of him having a year in the minors to get his game together, we all know that Sutter would have made the team out of camp if it hadn't been for Yelle's signing. Therefore, when it seemed that Yelle wasn't really pulling his weight, why not try to lose him and bring Sutter up permanently. I think it's a good move.
Of course, I feel bad for Yelle and hope that he lands on another NHL team.

Also, I'm surprised at all the people saying "why not Wallin?" or Conboy. With Samsonov, we have too much $ invested to expect him to be picked up and we're not one of those teams that can afford to bury multi-million dollar contracts in the minors.
Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how either Wallin or Conboy has anything to do with our poor record so far. To me, Wallin has been playing a much more effective and physical game than he has in years. I'm sure he's made some bad plays, but so has every player in the league, except maybe Nik Lidstrom. As for Conboy, he plays as expected every night and uses his limited minutes well. You don't expect him to score and yet he's come very close on several occasions. Not to mention his willingness to fight takes the pressure off of players like Gleason and Walker. There are some line chemistry problems for sure, but I'm not really for pointing the finger. These guys are going to have to figure out how to win themselves.
BEST post in a long time. people love to point fingers and blame there favorite goat player (im guilty of pointing at Brindy) but it really comes down to whos doing there job and who isnt. Wallin and Conboy (just using the above examples) are doing exactly what they're being asked to, mistakes come with the game for ALL players but overall these guys are getting it done to their ability. Was someone really expecting Wallin to become a Norris candidate at 35, and Conboy an elite 4th line scorer? These guys just need to learn how to win.

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