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10-26-2009, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by DeeMeck View Post
Kopi's adjustments are top-notch.

Other teams look at him as a playmaker (which he is). They give him alot of space and cover the other players so they can't receive his passes.

Kopi answers by going all Heatley on everyone and shooting from everywhere. Pucks are going in the net so now teams will have to close in on Kopi...which is EXACTLY what he wants them to do.

When this happens he can go back to playing his game and setting up his linemates for tap-in goals.

As long as he keeps making these great adjustments he will be absolutely unstoppable. You can call Kopi's 1st goal lucky or whatever. Mason was expecting pass 100% and that's why the puck went into the net.

Look at how frustrated Sharks fan are with Thornton. He won't shoot the puck in any circumstance it seems like and other teams have adjusted to this. If he just shot more teams would have no choice but to try and go after him, and that is when Joe is at his best.

These adjustments will set Kopitar apart from everyone else. It is near impossible to prepare for a guy who is going to keep you guessing.

Goalies can play for the pass or play for a shot. He beat nabokov and mason by putting them to sleep because they were expecting a pass. Bryz came out and challenged him and he slid it to Brown for a tap-in.

That is a man who is in top of his game.
Great post, I haven't really thought about it this way. Another King who has this ability is definitely Frolov. We saw his second goal yesterday.

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