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12-03-2004, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by RFAN
if we want to get closer to a #1 pick next year! That top D pairing of putty and kasper, I can't even guess how many time a game they would get caught up ice. That would be painful to watch. If the season was shortened to say 40 games that line up would maybe win 10 games.
Well if Crosby really is the next one then I'm all for it!
Has there been a defensemen other then Leetch and Ulfie who has played decent hockey in NY?(Ok maybe Tamer& de Vries...) I donīt expect miracles from Kaspar but three years ago he was the top defensemen on a team that made it to the conference finals with shaky goaltending. Kaspar defenitley has more in him then what the team has allowed him to show the last couple of years...

If its anything that I would have expected the fans in NY to learn its that it isnīt the name on the back of the sweater which decides the outcome of a hockey game.

The biggest problem is that that line up would have no chemistry together. There would be what, 2 players on that lineup who played 2 full seasons in NY? Sure the defense is soft, but a team like Detroit have had allot of success with their puckmoving defense. The problem for Renney is that he has allot of defensemens who are good at moving the puck, but that doesnīt mean that he has a defense thats good at moving the puck. It takes chemistry for that.

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