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12-03-2004, 10:50 AM
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Your anti-Hitch rant is pretty hilarious given the stupidity of our coaching situation since Terry Murray went out...

Team Scoring:

Last year this team was 8th in the NHL in team scoring.

1. Ottawa 3.20 - MUCH better offensive talent than us...
2. Detroit 3.11 - MUCH better offensive talent than us...
3. Tampa Bay 2.99 - MUCH better offensive talent than us...
4. Toronto 2.95 - better offensive talent than us... and they don't play a tight system to boot.
5. NY Islanders 2.89 - and that got them what?
6. Colorado 2.88 - MUCH better offensive talent than us...
7. Vancouver 2.87 - better offensive talent than us...

yeah... so Hitch is really stifling this team huh?

Team was also 8th in SOG, a wopping 1.1 off the Boston average of 30.5. Fifth in differential at 3.9, a very underrated statistic in hockey since the Law of Averages is in effect when you shoot at the net.

Now... lets deal with our team as a potential scoring juggernaut.

top 10 scorers.
1. Rex 75 pts, 30 on the PP... he's no longer a major even strength threat... the way it is.
2. Zeus 58 pts, 60-70 is prolly his cap in this league at the moment, unless you really think he's a top 20 scorer in the NHL... i don't.
3. Leclair 55 pts... happy we got that out of him. obvious decline the last few years... nothing to do with Hitch.
4. Amonte 53 pts. his last two years in chicago getting larger minutes due to the lack of talent on those teams he got 64pts, and 66pts... is it Hitch's fault he isn't up there anymore... don't think so.
5. Roenick 47 pts... he can do better when he isn't completely obliterated.
6. Gagne 45 pts... he's capable of more... but he also lead the NHL in SOG in december and had 1 goal or something ********. finally started to come out of it the latter half of the season, hopefully it continues.
7. KJ 42 pts... top 20 scoring right now is 70 pts and we had a dman with 42 pts... i'll take that.
8. Kapanen 30 pts. i'd like more, but he fell off the cliff scoring wise in carolina, similar to amonte in phoenix, prior to coming here. who knows if he'll ever get it back to where he was, showed some flashes in the playoffs. he's also doing a job for the Team which is a limiting factor... someone needs to do that job.
9. Pitkanen 27 pts... a rook, so happy about this kid.
10. Primeau 22 pts... hopefully he does what he did in the playoffs. note: Hitch didn't change a THING about Primeau's role or his game in the playoffs, he simply started to finish. his shooting % in the regular season 8.1. get that to 12-14% area and play 82 games and you get more scoring. added fact, he was +11 going against are opponents top-line all season, that is amazing.

how much more you expect from these players than that? i think it sort of unrealistic to expect a ton more. as i noted previously, NJ series was a very very tight defensive series. both Toronto AND Tampa create scoring opportunities for thier opponents because of how they play the game. did we adjust some, sure, but it wasn't some complete departure from what we did during the regular season. people just buried some chances that they didn't in the regular season, Primeau especially. while i understand the desire for a more high-octane offensive game, cuz it is fun to watch, i'd much much much rather be winning... which this team has done consistently under Hitch.

under Hitch the Flyers have gotten 208 out of a possible 328 pts, or 63.4% of possible points. how you can complain about his coaching tenure with that much success is a bit beyond me. we have a talented team, but there are more than one team i consider more talented... for example, if we put Hitch in Toronto and Quinn down here I think Toronto would have won both of the series the past two years. coaches have proven to be more and more important in the NHL, go ask the Colorado fans about getting out-coached in the playoffs.

will Zhamnov come back? remains to be seen. He said he really likes it here, but who knows what kind of contract we will be able to offer under the new CBA... if we can sign him we probably will. the guy got to be on a good team, in a good organization for a playoff run for the first time in his career. though, i think whatever is going to happen with Amonte will play a role in this cuz he and Amonte are good friends from Chicago.

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