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12-03-2004, 12:22 PM
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Pads- CCM Blockade Turek pro-return, mmmm so light and seal the five hole amazingly. Would only trade for a set of RBK'S or custom V-2's
Catcher- CCM Blockade, stock. Also very light, got one stinger in 5 months with it.
Blocker- CCM Blockade, stock. Aagin, light, haven't felt a thing through it. I'll never go back to a thick blocker.
Chest protector- Don Simmons Matrix. Pretty much a carbon copy of the Koho 590, but protects just as well.
Mask- Don Simmons Matrix CSA approved. Nice mask for the pricem, but once it cracks, HELLLLLLOOO SPORTMASK!
Pants- TPS GP7, nothing special, good set, I'd rather have the Bauer Supreme pros or CCM Blockade pro.
Skates- Bauer 1000's, I'm getting Graf 750's pretty soon.
Sticks- Koho 590, Nurminen pro- pattern with a trigger grip and a stock CCM Heaton 10, Broduer curve.
Jock- Koho 490, want the Koho pro.

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