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09-20-2003, 05:12 PM
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Originally Posted by DKH
a couple of things I remember about Jeff. First off, his father and mother sat 3 seats to my left and his father used to wear headphones (I assume he was listening to the game but it easily could have been those self help tapes because he had a content look on his face; he was older, and by that I mean he was probably in his 50's atleast whereas Jeff was mid 20's at most) I was told or read his uncle was the famous blind golfer Joe (?) Lazaro who was often in the papers back in the 70's and 80's; Lazaro had blazing speed but that was about it;

but the most lasting memory I had was a memory I missed out on???? Let me explain: The Broons were playing the Wings on a Saturday afternoon game at the Gahden. The game was all but over and me and my wife were going to meet another couple over at a bar/restaurant over by Fanuel Hall (damn, I can't remember- its the one with all the Dave DeBushierre pictures on the wall around the corner from the front of the entrance to FH)...for one of the few times I left early with about 40 seconds left- less than a minute. It ends up a brawl breaks out and McCrimmon playing for Detroit almost chokes Lazaro to death- he goes out cold and is on the ice. I believe Probert had either gotten into a fight with Quintal just before which I thought I saw and then other fights broke out. Yzerman got stuff thrown at him on way out and that led to the protective plexiglass. It was quite a brawl regardless and I missed it :mad: but hey, my wife says, we got a good seat at the bar

The 87-88 Bruins fights tape was the best. Problem is, I can't find it! I've searched high and low and it's GONE! I have so many kids videos, it would take the national Guard to go through them.

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