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09-20-2003, 06:01 PM
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I watched tonight's game, and here are my thoughts...

Ron Hainsey: I think if this guy wins in maturity and confidence, he will definatly be the real deal. He was everywhere on the ice, and was pretty good in most aspects of the game, including his first passes, that were surprisingly accurate. Ron has been used on the 1st powerplay unit, with Souray and they did pretty well together.

Sheldon Souray: Nothing spectacular, but played his role effectively, and showed agressiveness troughtout the game. He sure didn't look with someone playing his first game in 1 year. Sheldon was paired with Rivet, and was used a good amount of minutes on the penalty kill unit.

Mike Komisarek: Mike is a synonym of constance. He's not the most flashy on the ice, but does he ever make a big mistake? Anyways, he looks so confident on the ice, and was great playing with Hainsey. They looked as if they had been playing in the NHL for years. While he has been excellent with defensive coverage tonight, Mike has also had his scoring chances at some point, when used at the point on the PP.

Patrice Brisebois: I had no true expectations for him, and I was right. He was the good old Patrice we know... made some bone head plays a few times, but was decent offensively. He was paired with Beauchemin (thank god Francois was there for Patrice at some points). Not much to say about him.

Jason Ward: I must admit I didn't see him much tonight, but he standed out a couple of times troughout the 2nd period. He played with Ryder and Perreault... they seemed to have good chemestry, but they seemed unable to generate offense at some point. Not as physical as we were used to see in the past.

Micheal Ryder: Boy, is this guy strong on his skates or what? He looked like nothing would get him down. As I said earlier, it took a while for his line to create offense, but he played a good all-around game nonetheless. Great effort.

Francois Beauchemin: He was solid defensively... he had to do so, because he was paired with Brisebois. He isn't overly physical, but has decent size nonetheless and uses it effectively. He will play in the NHL someday, but due to the 'depth' we have at the moment, he probably won't see much ice time in the big league.

Jose Theodore: Few good saves, but nothing close to the goalie we've seen two seasons ago. He should have stopped Ottawa's winning goal, IMO. A weak but precise wrist shot that he used to stop easily in the past. Oh well, I won't be too hard on him, it's only pre-season.

Eric Fichaud: He got injured after stopping about 5 shots and letting 1 in. Nothing to say about him.

Chris Higgins: He plays hard, you have to give him credit. He had his chances, but was particularly outstanding in defensive coverage tonight. Lots of penalty kill ice time for Chris, and I consider he did pretty well. As for his offensive contribution, it's steady every game, he's very consistent.

Marcel Hossa: Before the game, I told my friend I wasn't expecting much from Hossa, and I pretented he had no guts. Did he ever proved me wrong tonight?! He was by far my personnal star of the game. Playing with Juneau and Dackell, he mixed nicely strong defensive coverage with great offensive contribution. He fought for the puck along the boards like someone he had fire under his butt. Not even close to the Hossa we've seen last season, and that's a GOOD thing, to me!

To be honest with you guys, I'm not worried about the score, because it doesn't indicate by any means who dominated the game. I'm proud of the effort tonight... but I'm sad about the Saku incident, and I hope he'll be back on track soon.

I'm a little tired, I will probably fill the blanks tomorrow morning. Hope you enjoy my report!

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