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09-20-2003, 06:12 PM
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I'll lay my cards on the table and say flat out that I have been an unavowed Sweeney hater since the day he joined the B's. I can't imagine any player spending more time on the ice and accomplishing less than he did throughout his career. He was carried by Ray for the years they were together, and he is among the worst passers and shooters that I have ever seen on the blueline. Why do I bring this up? Simple. Many fans loved "Donny" because he was undersized, always seemed to be hustling, overcame the "odds" blah blah blah. But many seem to hate Gill because he doesn't play "big", doesn't score enough etc. I submit that if given the choice between having Gill or Sweeney on the ice at a crucial juncture of a Stanley Cup Final game, any objective, rational person would choose Gill. And before anyone disagrees, think back to the 1990 playoffs when Klima "used" Sweeney before scoring his 3 ot goal. Then think back to the 91 playoffs when he was around a minus 10 in 6 games vs. Mario and Co. Gill is what he is, a big guy who generally doesn't allow the other team to score. He doesn't make bone jarring hits and he doesn't fight. Would I like him to do those things more, sure. But I'll take his strong defensive presence over the undisciplined (the early years), extremely mediocre (the middle years) and ineffective (the later years) play of Sweeney any day. The moral of this rant.... I can't understand how anyone could bash Gill, while being a fan of Sweeney. And judging by the reaction of fans at the hundred to hundred fifty games that I've been to and by some posters here and elsewhere, those people do exist.

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