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Originally Posted by expos4ever View Post
Folks - I'm not sure why anyone who has followed the Habs closely AT ALL over the past few seasons would believe any rumour that Bob Gainey is trying to trade Carey Price.

In my view, it doesn't matter what 'Eklund' or anyone else writes (hello Jack Todd) that infers that Price will or should be traded, as it is more than evident that Bob Gainey correctly views Price as a future franchise-type player (i.e. equivalent value to his team as Luongo, Ovechkin, Iginla, Malkin, are to theirs) over the long run.

While it is true that Price's performance in the 2nd half of last season was relatively poor, and his stats after his 6 games played this season are not pretty - we who have observed this team's games KNOW (as Bob Gainey obviously knows) that there have been MANY contributing factors (I can detail them here, but I think you all know what they are), NONE of which include Carey Price's skills or abilities.

p.s. There are only a small number of goalies historically who have performed at an 'all-star' caliber at 22 years old (e.g. P.Roy) - The majority who were starters in the NHL from 20 to 22 yrs old were not already stars in the NHL. Case in point: compare Price's record with Luongo's record for his seasons spanning 20-22 years old:

Price @ 20 - 2007-08 Montreal Canadiens - 41 GP / 24W-12L / 2.56 gaa / .920 sp / 3 so /
Price @ 21 - 2008-09 Montreal Canadiens - 52 GP / 23W-16L / 2.83 gaa / .905 sp / 1 so /
Price @ 22 - 2009-10 Montreal Canadiens - 6 GP / 2W-4L / 3.36 gaa / .886 sp / 0 so /

Luongo @ 20 - 1999-00 New York Islanders - 24 GP / 7W-14L / 3.25 gaa / .904 sp / 1 so /
Luongo @ 21 - 2000-01 Florida Panthers - 47 GP / 12W-24L / 2.44 gaa / .920 sp / 5 so /
Luongo @ 22 - 2001-02 Florida Panthers - 58 GP / 16W-33L / 2.77 gaa / .915 sp / 4 so /
...and the corollary to this is vis-a-vis Jaro Halak: This is a 24 year-old who is a 'backup' goalie only because he is behind a future franchise player (superstar?) in Carey Price in Montreal. On (roughly) half of the NHL teams today, Halak would be starting 50% or more of a team's games.

The reasons Halak is still in Montreal, is that he is cheap, good, and most importantly a very patient individual who has not (apparently) made any "play me or trade me" demands. But this can only last so long.

I suspect that Gainey is tickled that Halak is playing well (putting up W's and earning more starts), so that he can maximize the return on Halak in an inevitable trade (I expect that he will be gone long before Santa comes for his annual visit)...

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