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12-03-2004, 10:45 PM
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Another story to tell all...I was doing a peewee game today and a kick looses his stick..kid from the other team kicks it...wasnt sure if it was on purpose or not because the puck was right near them so i didnt do anything..then as the kid is going to pick up his stick the other kid kicks it away from him again....arm goes right up for an interference call......i make the call and the coach starts at it.....he saying.."WHAT do you CALL For that?!" I say nicely...its interference coach....and then he saids "Bullsh*t....a kid can kick another kids stick if he drops it" i give him the unsportsmanlike for the "Bullsh*t" comment and also for his extremely stupid comment(but that didnt factor in). Yes coach its perfectly legal for a kid to kick another kids stick away when he drops it. Sigh.

Also some large kid earlier in the game grabbed the puck out of midair and held on it..did a little basketball deke to avoid the other player then dropped it....i quickly called delay of game (closing hand on the puck) and the coach is COMPLETELY clueless why i gave his kid the skating away and hear him tell the kid "Dont worry you didnt do anything wrong, he doesnt know the rules" I just ignored it though. ...that was from the other team.

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