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09-20-2003, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Plekanec
Ryder had a great game, making many great plays (both passes and shots) and making few mistakes. He accumulated two points, both assists, but was onew of the most active and noteworthy players on the ice.

Don't forget he was playing with Koivu!!

Put Perezhogin or Higgins with Koivu and you will have an as notable player without the mistakes!
Ryder didn't have "A" good game, Ryder was fluctuating between good and amazing for all the games (intra-team and the two pre-season games). I know it, I saw the game last night. You live in denial.

I don't know if you're quoting someone at the begining of your post but "making few mistakes" actually means he didn't do many mistakes so what should he have done to have an OK game? Make none?

The more you say Ryder isn't anything special when EVERYBODY that saw him play says otherwise, the less credibility you will have, especially considering all you do is report tidbits of info (the ones you select) from other posters.

Again, you live in denial and are stuburn like no other. Ryder could score 4 goals, be +4 and hammer everybody along the boards all night long and you would still find something to say to bring him down like "it's the least he could do, he played with Koivu".

EDIT: BTW Ryder played with Koivu for only one period as Saku got injured early in the second. Following your logic that nobody playing with Perreault can be lethal because he's such a bad player, it would only seem fair to then recognize that if Ryder shined even when playing with him subsequently, he must have been doing something right don't you think?

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