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Originally Posted by Rattrick View Post
So you think it'll all come around? Is it a system thing or a personnel thing?

At this point it looks like a roster problem to me. The fact we've been through 2 coaches yet the same piss poor, negative bad habbits follow this team tells me a lot. Sloppy, lack of interest, sluggish, piss poor play follows this group year after year. We're in our 4th consecutive season after our Cup win in '06 and it always seems to be the same with this group, they just can't put it together. We had a brilliant run last season, but it shouldn't be forgotten for most of the season we were quite brutal and many were calling for a tank and rebuild. We hit a stride and ran with it, got lucky, played well.

All in all it is hard to say if this team will come around based on the past 3 seasons before this one, I have my doubts. It just seems all to familiar to what has made this team unsuccessful and I don't know if I can see them putting it together. I think a lot of it is mental and it revolves around the core guys who have been here and continue to lose. Once we start losing, we have a very difficult time battling back. It's almost as if when we lose the mindset of the entire team goes into "Oh no, here we go again" and they simply can't snap out of it. I am giving them until the 25-30 game mark before I draw my line and take a stance. But as of right now, through almost 11 games, very little has changed. The negative in that for me, is it resembles all to well of what we've seen out of this team the past 3 seasons. (Minus our run at the end last year.)

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