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10-28-2009, 11:58 PM
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Skate-induced ankle rash?

I just started playing in rec leagues (skated since I was a kid and did hockey classes for several years, but didn't have the opportunity or time to join a league until last summer). In the process of getting ready for that, I finally traded in my ill-fitting, older-than-Chelios Tacks for a pair of new skates.

After some misadventures in sizing, I got a pair of 6D Rbk 1K's that fit perfectly. They're very stiff, but since I originally learned on figure skates, I like my boots laced to within an inch of their lives and molded to my foot and ankle. I can get plenty of bend from my upper ankle to skate well, though I know I tend to favor being on my inside edges.

The problem is coming, I think, from tongue pressure against my ankles. I originally got about a 1.5 inch by 2 inch section of scaly red rash on the upper parts of each ankle, towards the outside that faded 4-5 days later. It's pretty tender and raw on the surface and has a weird bumpy/scaly feel. Over time, they've gotten smaller in size (inch X inch) and last 2-3 days now, but they're still there. It does not happen when I'm not in my skates, so I think it has to be something from the skates or the process of wearing them.

The skates are still fairly new, so I'm wondering if this is just part of breaking in a relatively stiff tongue. If it's not normal, do I need to go about adding padding? I wear pretty thin socks under my skates.

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