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10-29-2009, 12:04 AM
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Instead of arguing who is the better starter, Price or Halak maybe we should be asking if either of them is a quality starter. So far in this season both of their stats suck and both have flaws in their game. Neither is elite, and are, in fact, showing themselves to be quite average.

Basically, if we play a good defensive game and cut down the number of shots our goalies are good enough to help us win, which we can do much easier at home.

On the road against quality opposition the chances of us getting blown out seems rather high since neither of our goaltenders seem able to make a difference when the team is playing bad. A sign of average goaltending.

Both have in the past shown the ability to have "a difference game." For Halak, the Colorado game stands out; for Price, this year against Buffalo (and please don't anyone bring up T.O. They suck and their offense sucks.). But everyone can do it once. Elite goaltenders bring that aspect to the majority of their games. That's what I don't see from either Price or Halak.

Our only hope against Chicago's offence is the fact that Huet is very average too. Let's hope that he doesn't decide to have one of his "big" games or better yet that Price comes up with one against his former teammate/mentor.

In other news:
Gomez, Pleks, Cammer & Gionta have scored 45% of our goals, include Hamerlik's three goals and it goes up to 55%.

In fact, our D has already scored 7 goals for us this year (22.5%); meanwhile, our "secondary scoring" of Lats, Kostitsyn, Patches and D'agostini has scored 4 goals. WTF? Hamerlik (3) & Bergeron (2) alone are outscoring these guys!

Right now, we are a one line team with average goaltending and a very average to below average defense. Until that improves somehow, we will face some more ass-kickings on the road.

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