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10-29-2009, 09:48 PM
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When i first read the various posts in this thread I was thinking that Bob would be crazy to be actively looking to trade Price. I still think it makes no sense for Bob to be thinking this way, however, has anyone considered that maybe his hands are tied, and that Price has requested a trade? Perhaps Price made this request in private to Bob, and it has not yet be leaked to the media. I have read rumors that Price may not be happy in Montreal - there is no proof of this, but there have been rumblings. I started thinking back about various things that have happened to Price that may at least give me REASON to believe there is a possibility that Price is not happy. This starts with last year when he went through a horrible streak and got left in net for it all of those goals in the Edmonton game. Then we have infamous Price incident where he was mocking the fan, then shift to him sarcastically saluting the fans at the end of the playoffs last year. So far this year things have not seemed much better. See Price punching a hole in the wall of the Vancouver visitors dressing room after being left in for another pounding. Last night during the Pens game, which I watched via a broadcast, the commentators mentioned that Price stormed off the ice after the morning skate and kicked open a door (or something along those lines).

Something does not seem right here to me. Price has stated he is happy to see Halak playing and the team doing well, but perhaps this is just a cover up? Maybe he is sitting as management is hesitant to play him until they have a deal worked out? Maybe Bob has no choice but to trade a player that is unhappy in Montreal? Maybe Bob is trying to make something happen quickly before it is known that Price has requested a trade, or is not happy in Montreal, as if this information gets out as fact rather than rumor, it could greatly reduce any leverage that Bob may have - see Ottawa and the Heatley Saga.

Before I get flamed, I do realize this is a far fetched scenario. I will say, however, that after connecting the dots using various media reports and posts I have seen on HF boards, I think it could be a remote possibility. I sure hope not, but one never knows!

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