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12-04-2004, 07:03 PM
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Well, Dekes are my specialty out of all the things I do.

It really helped watching Bure in FLA. Throw a little deke one way and slip it between the legs.

My trademark deke is come in on net open the blade up so it looks like a shot, pull it backhand, and slide it in. I'm a righty, so it's slipping it on the left side. Because of the goalie good on breakaways on my team and being good overall in the league, I have one more that works on good goalies:

Come in on the right side being a righty, pull the puck way behind me with a crazy toe drag while cutting in front of net, stop quick, pull it back to the forhand, and slam it in. The goalie, if he's good, will be doing a split at that point trying to get back to the right side, so five hole is open EVERY time. Sometimes, if I do it well enough, the goalie slides out the other way LOL

I also like Datsyuks move on Turco and I've done it before and it's worked a couple times. Toe drags are my best moves though as I've a great stickhandler. I don't hit much, so I have to make up for it somewhere . The one handed one where you let it go and slip it in with one hand works only when the goalie came out really far. I can't get anyone to bite though as the goalies have seen it on ESPN and watch the stick.

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