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10-29-2009, 11:27 PM
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We're pissed because a player who shouldn't have had such a ridiculous contract is now on another team while we're stuck with half of his cap hit. Our anger is not because we're pissed we lost a good player, we're pissed because a mediocre player with a bad contract is tying up our cap space and isn't even on the team any longer. Many of us were hoping he wouldn't be called up.

This is like Modry coming to the Flyers, but in reverse. Randy Jones is the target of scorn and oppression.

Hopefully Murray keeps him off the power play and uses him as a 3rd pair defenseman. Any more than that and it's an uncomfortable situation. It's bad enough he pissed of off as a Flyer, since the Flyers are stuck with half the cap it, I'll be however much more pissed off if he sucks for the Kings too.

Originally Posted by Telos View Post
Jones can also be a special teams specialist. Either way, we gain something for nothing and now we no longer need another veteran D.
No fail. Not unless you want a lot of shots blocked. The 31 points he had a couple years ago was totally point-hawking. Like when we thought Jaroslav Modry was good because he racked up assists. His best season though was when Murray was here running the defense, it is worth noting that it was the same season. He also got to play with the exiled Lasse Kukkonen, who was the only partner where he had a plus-rating (they also were getting 3rd pair minutes -- take the hint Murray).

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