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10-30-2009, 08:55 AM
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Originally Posted by canesnecu View Post
Why only offer deals to STH? They ALREADY ARE COMMITTED so why not attract newbies? The sth's can get their perks through coupons for discounted food and merchandise, get new people in the door, the sport sells itself in person. As a sth, I wont be offended if I paid full sth price for my tickets and joe blow was able to sit in my section for a game a cheaper price. Maybe he'll come back...maybe he'll buy a mini plan next year? Maybe even for this year?
coupons for discounted food and merchandise? am i living in a hole or something, i've never gotten anything like that in all my years as a full STH. unless you're referring to the whopping 10% EYE discount??

and IMO, it does suck when you pay X for a seat and you find out the person next to you paid X/2 (or even less). it's fine a few times a season for special deals and whatnot, but when it gets to the point when at the majority of games you know everyone around you paid less for their seats, it sucks, quite frankly. it completely removes any financial incentive to be an STH in the first place. of course there are other, non-financial reasons to do it, but i'm just saying.

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