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12-04-2004, 11:38 PM
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Against defensemen, I love the move where you do a quick, small deke (it works either way, forehand or backhand), and then tap it the other way through the gap between the defensemen's skates and stick and follow the puck.. If you do it right, the defensemen is still moving the wrong way from the initial deke so you should be away laughing. Alternatively you can slip it through his legs in the same fashion, as long as it gets past them somehow.

Against the goalie, I've got two that I prefer over the others. The first one is real basic, just start to deke to the backhand as if you're trying to go around the goalie, and once he starts moving just slide it through his legs.. It only works against certain goalies, as it depends on what the goalie does with his stick when he reacts to someone dekeing backhand (I'm right handed).. When it works you it looks great, so calm and easy! You can add extra finesse by throwing in a fake shot or another deke or two beforehand aswell, but I just love the simplicity of it.

The other move I like is when you go in on the goalie look like you're going to shoot, then deke backhand as far as you need to (so the goalie commits), and then quickly bring it back forehand and put it wherever the gap is (normally I just try to tuck it in on the far post, since often you don't have time to calculate where the gap is going to be at that speed). This move is pretty common too, but I like it because it has everything you want in a deke: the attempt to freeze the goalie with the fake shot; since it starts off as looking like the most common of all dekes (fake shot to quick deke) you can catch the goalie cheating if he thinks he knows what you're going to do; and of course it looks great.. Also, if you do it a bit further out you've got the option to roof it after the deke too, which I can't do on my backhand.

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