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12-04-2004, 10:44 PM
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Originally Posted by WhoozYerrDaddy
1. 'Directing' vs. 'deflecting' - Deflecting the puck is when the puck hits somebody and bounces off him. If a shot comes in from the point, player doesnt see it and it hits him in the rear end and goes in, it counts. If the player sees it and sticks his rear end out so that the puck hits it and goes in, that's 'directing' the puck, and that wont count.

3. If a player closes his hand on the puck in the air, gives a basketball deke with it, then drops it, it is NOT a minor penalty. It is just a faceoff. If a player closes his hand on the puck while it is on the ice, or if he picks it up off the ice, it is a minor penalty for delay of game. If I was that coach, I'd have gone nuts, too.
According to the Hockey Canada rulebook anyway...

1. For the puck going in off the body, I agree. However, with a skate, you can intentionally turn your foot to direct the puck into the net. You just cannot have a distinct kicking motion. It's the same as the NHL rule.

3. Once your hand is closed on the puck, you gotta drop it. If you make a "basketball deke" to gain an advantage, that's 2 minutes for Closing Hand On The Puck.

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