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Originally Posted by Panteras View Post
nah i think Kovalchuk is just as good as Ovechkin as far as scoring goals, he might not be as intense as Ovie and maybe not be as big an assist guy Malkin is, but i would pick him over Malkin and Semin any time for sure no doubt, Kovalchuk is defenitaly a 100+ guy, even though he's never gotten to a 100p because he's always been in a pretty bad team, Atlanta..and even those times he wasn't 100p player he was right up there in all the scoring categories.... Kovalchuk is a monster of a player

Kovalchuk's wristers are impecable simply impecable, his release is just rockets every time

if Ilya Kovalchuk played for Pittsburgh or Washington, or just a good playoff team..pfffss competition over
Kovalchuk is no doubt a superstar, but Malkin's skillset is unmatched, even by his teammate. In NO WAY would I choose him over Malkin, as Malkin still has a lot of growing left to do. Top two in the world right now are Ovie and Malkin, and I definitely agree with what Rat had to say, Malkin will be the best real soon.

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