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09-20-2003, 09:13 PM
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After tonights game, I'd say Hinz is gone, along with one of or both of Henley and Thompson.

Overall, it sounded like the Oilers couldn't hit the broad side of a barn all night. I can't remember how many open nets were missed. Buncha plugs

Torres sounds like he gets involved...I like how Georges tried to put Gauthier's head through the glass with an elbow, and he kept after Regehr too...Horcoff sounded like he was skating well, but not having much luck with his shot...Hemsky showed some flashes of being able to run the #1 PP unit...Bergeron sounded alright, but a little jumpy and excited to get rid of the puck...Ferguson got caught for a 3-on-1, but sounded strong on the boards...I liked Henley going after Commodore right away after he ran Conks...sounded like he whupped him.

Speaking of Conklin - I think he has potential to be a #1 in the NHL, but only after he fixes one thing...getting down and losing focus after giving up a goal or two despite playing well for an entire period. He has some big-league reflexes, and is a competitor, but needs to get some poise and seasoning before he can challenge. He will be a late bloomer...I wouldn't be at all suprised if he was our #1 after the lockout, with Deslauriers backing him up and taking over the #1 the following year.

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