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09-20-2003, 10:16 PM
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My report

I went to the game... First time I actually went to a pre-season game...

I'll try to keep it short... it's late!


Bulis (B+) Great moves, swift transitions, superb 2-way play. This guy could actually become a 55 pts player this year. The only problem tonight was that he couldn't finish off his plays (great opportunities, but no goals).

Dackell (C) No sense of grit or intensity whatsoever. Played ok defensively. I'm tired of seeing him play. We should get rid of him.

Dwyer (B+) Lots of intensity, skating is not that bad. Goal is a bonus. Actually seemed ok hockey-sense-wise. A decent enforcer for the Habs.

Higgins (B-) Honestly, watching him play reminds me of a 2nd-tier 3rd-line checker. Get the idea? The good news is that he's young and he'll only be better with time... A good Rolston-like skater, great backchecker, but needs to bulk up a bit before getting a full-time NHL job. Probably wasn't his best game anyway...

Hossa (B-) He seemed uninterested, but I think it's much more his skating style than his actual involvement. He worked hard at times to dig up pucks and made great plays defensively. However, he needs to show more offensive power if he wants a job in Montreal. The talent is there, that's for sure.

Juneau (B) I really don't like this guy and I'm getting frustrated to see him take the job of youngsters like Higgins, but he's actually decent at what he's doing.

Koivu (A) The best player on the ice before getting injured. Not much to say other than the fact that his wingers (Sundstrom and Ryder) didn't seem to play well with him (bad chemistry).

Perezhogin (B) Totally uninvolved in the first period. Then, I actually saw why this guy was drafted in the first round. I'm really impressed by his willingness to go dig pucks in the corner and stay in front of the net. He has some nice moves and more than decent speed. Had a great chance to score. However, he REALLY NEEDS TO BULK UP. Looks like Ribeiro on the ice, which is really not good. By comparison, his playing STYLE reminds me of Martin Havlat (as compared to Bure, Mogilny, Hossa, Gaborik, etc).

Perrault (A-) Seemed dominant in this AHL-level game. As usual, an offensive "force" (for the Habs at least), but was involved in defensive plays. Got some shots, made good passes.

Ryder (A-) All-around great game for Ryder. Decent 3rd-liner in the making, maybe even better. I noticed that he had some trouble with pass reception, but he compensated with gritty plays and a "wow" pass for a goal.

Ward (C+) Bad game for Jason. Not really involved, seemed slow.


Beauchemin (C-) I disagree with other posters. He played an awful game, made a couple of inacceptable mistakes. Was less physical as the game went on (probably due to loss of confidence). Dumped the puck nervously when he had it.

Brisebois (B-) Went unnoticed, which is probably a good sign. I was surprised by his physical play...

Hainsey (A-) Made a couple of mistakes defensively, but he's a force on offense. Great vision, patient with puck... He needs to keep up with this.

Komisarek (C+) Bad game. Seemed confused. Not noticeably physical enough.

Rivet (B+) Played physical, unlike the second-half of 2002-2003. He almost looked like a 3M defencemen. Decent offense, solid defense.

Souray (A) A rock on defense. He was actually intimidating. Players tried to go on the other side instead of outskating him along the boards. Even got some hard shots from the point.

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