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12-05-2004, 05:59 PM
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We're missing the playoffs. How much worse can it get? Spare me the "it was only one point" bull. We'd have been wrecked in the first round anyway, as per the usual. This is another issue in itself, but I'd rather this team tank every year and get high draft picks than making absolutely no progress from season to season. I know the team will never do that, and thus the only way to try and improve is by trading commodities we can replace with players we already have. York can take Smyth's place. Staois can take Brewer's. It's not ideal, but it'll have to do, unless you want to continue with our present mediocrity.
We're missing the playoffs, but as said before, losing our franchise player and a big part of our defence and gaining a number 1 centre doesn't make this team any better. We'll still struggle but in different areas.

NO, York cannot take Smyth's place. Smyth is a proven #1 forward, York is not and will likely never be. Same with Staios replacing Brewer. It's absurd to expect Staios to match Brewer's ability because he can't consistantly do it. Replacing a top liner and top pair defenseman with a 2nd liner and 2nd pair defenseman is what will continue the Oiler's present mediocrity.

To sum up my position, it's as clear as day the Oilers need a top centre, but not at the price of Ryan Smyth and Eric Brewer.

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