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09-20-2003, 10:21 PM
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This was a pretty lopsided game. Having just returned from watching the horror and many post game sodas here are my impressions from the cheap seats...

Conklin played a solid game. He looked sharp in the face of pretty steady forechecking and strong play by the Flames. Made several excellent saves.

Henley had a solid game ... until he got the boot. He played quite strong in his own end and provided a strong, physical presence in front of Conklin. Knocked Iggy around. Fought Commodore 64 and appeared to win this battle. Surprise to see Henley play quite a solid game ... albeit one period.

Chimera continues to fly. I really like his game and just hope he can score abit more for this team.

Big Georges played a pretty good game. Roughed up Denis Cheap Shot Gautier which is always good. Showed some strong board work and fought throughout the night with Regehr. Downside, he did take at least one bad penalty.

I thought Moreau had a solid game. Mucked it up, skated hard. Didn't result in anything, but he played hard all night.

Hemsky showed the dazzling skating and playmaking skills. He actually shot the puck a couple of times. Top drawer talent but still prone to overhandle the puck.

The Oil defense to a man looked very weak tonight. In particular, the pairing of Rocky Thompson and Ferguson was horrendous. Both played very poorly with their defensive play, outmuscled and outpositioned throughout the game. They were terrible.

The second Oil pairing of Staios and Bergeron was also bad. Worst game I've seen Staios play in a long time. Bergeron was very scambly early running around in the defensive zone. He also made several high risk passes. Quite a weak game.

Horcoff didn't impress me at all. After all of the talk about conditioning this summer, he still appears weak on the puck and not physical at all. imo, clearly behind Reasoner.

The Oiler forwards were largely ineffective all night. No one could hit the net as they either fanned on shots or missed the net on quality scoring chances. Very, very poor.

Torres is much smaller than I expected. He showed some emotion on a couple of shifts but overall was quite ineffective. Rita showed his highend skills on one or two shifts but was again quiet for the majority of the night.

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