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12-05-2004, 06:36 PM
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According to the Hockey Canada rulebook anyway...

1. For the puck going in off the body, I agree. However, with a skate, you can intentionally turn your foot to direct the puck into the net. You just cannot have a distinct kicking motion. It's the same as the NHL rule.
According to the USA Hockey Rulebook..Rule 614(d)

".....The goal shall not be allowed if the puck has been kicked, thrown, or otherwise DIRECTED INTO THE GOAL BY ANY MEANS OTHER THAN A STICK."

Therefore, if you intentionally turn your foot to direct the puck into the net (kicking motion or not), it ain't gonna count. On the other hand, if you are standing there, tied up by a defenseman, the puck hits your skate and goes in, that will count.

That's the difference between 'directed' into the net, and 'deflected' into the net.

Your point is well taken about closing your hand on the puck. It's surprising that more players don't take advantage of that rule. I think most American players believe that it is a minor penalty. In the NCAA book, it is a minor penalty.

If a mite or squirt player needs a stoppage of play, all they have to do is take a slapshot. Immediate whistle, no penalty. I have never seen it done.


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