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When he took his first strides on Forum ice, he did so with big skates to fill. Replacing Sprague Cleghorn on the Habs’ blue-line was no easy task, but the Valleyfield, QC native quickly cemented his role as a pillar of the team’s defense corps.

As physically punishing and imposing as his predecessor, this hard-hitting defenceman was equally renowned for his ability to lead the rush, propelling him to a career high 10 goals in his rookie campaign in
He was a clever goal scorer who often played rough when protecting his own end-LOH.
As adept with the puck as he was at retrieving
He spent eight years with Montreal delivering solid hits and making life difficult for opposing forwards-LOH
The Ironman blue-liner missed only 15 games over his first eight seasons with the Canadiens. In 1929-30 and 1930-31 Leduc was in the lineup every night, helping the Habs capture consecutive Stanley Cups. The durable defenseman picked up four points in the 1930 championship run, leading the team with three
Always moving at top speed, his devastating body checks made him a fan favorite at the Forum. Cracking the NHL’s top 10 most penalized players list on three occasions, the robust rearguard fittingly earned himself the nickname “Battleship”.
Some accounts of this man's play...

A penalty to S.Mantha early in the third period found Leduc in the hero role keeping out four-man Detroit rushes-Globe and Mail
Morenz, Leduc, Sylvio Mantha, Smith, Gorsvenor and Lamb took turns thrilling the onlookers with masterful all-around work.- Globe and Mail
Joseph Albert Leduc, otherwise known as "Battleship" Leduc, is one of the most colorful figures in hockey. Besides being sturdy and effective defenseman, "Albair" is a scoring threat of considerate ability, and his stenming rush down the ice is sometimes the "piece de resistance" of an otherwise dull game. His legs working like pistons, Albert dashes down uweveres at no defrense. The outer guard combination that Albert has backed up before has not yet been developed, and he dives headlong into opposition when he reaches it. Most of the the time he barges through, and when he does he is deft with a shot or pass.- Globe and Mail
In the last period, "Hooley" Smith of the Maroons lost his temper, and took a swing with his stick at the silvering hari of "Pit" Lepine. He missed, and Leduc, husky Canadiens defenceman, sailed into "Hooley". A major penalty was awarded to Smith, and Leduc drew a minor. After the game was over, both jumped out of the penalty box and staged a hectic one-round fist fight at centre ice while 11,00 fans looked on and cheered.-Globe and Mail
One day overdue, but apparently in good shape, Albert "Battleship" Leduc, former defense ace of the Montreal Canadiens, turned out for the first time last night with the Ottawa Senators. Leduc teamed up on defence in the practice session with Harvey Rockburn, Scotty Bowman and Harry Radley, in turn, and was going in fine style. He blocked well, and his attacking plays were good.
"Battleship" Leduc was one of the hardest workers on the squad. Keeping up a continuous line of chatter, to the other players on his side, the Frenchman put everything he had into practice, to the delight of the railbirds.

With our 17th selection, the Cairo Desert Dogs are proud to select, a battleship that won't get sunk..


Awards and Achievements
2 X Stanley Cup Champion (1930, 1931)

Top 10's
Defencemen Goals- 2nd(1926), 6th(1928), 3rd(1929), 3rd(1931), 9th(1932), 9th(1933)
Defencemen Assists- 9th(1926), 9th(1928), 9th(1930), 10th(1931)
Defencemen Points- 2nd (1926), 9th(1928), 5th(1929), 9th(1930), 4th(1931)

Playoff Defencemen Goals- 2nd(1928)*, 1st(1929)*, 3rd(1930)*, 6th(1932)*
Playoff Defencemen Assists- 1st(1930), 3rd(1931), 4th(1932)*
Playoff Defencemen Points- 4th(1928)*, 3rd(1929)*, 1st(1930), 6th(1931), 6th(1932)

Platoff Assists- 3rd(1930)
Playoff Points- 6th(1930)

*All placings marked with asterisk are standings that occured due to Leduc scoring 1 goal, assist, or point. Most of his placements were accomplished with lower scoring numbers. This is mainly a result of the era he played in, and due to many defencemen not scoring any points at all in the playoffs. between 1928-1933, Leduc tied for 2nd in defencemen playoff goals, 2nd in defencemen playoff assists, and 1st for defencemen playoff points, so he was indeed one of the best offensive playoff defencemen of his day, whether or not you care for scoring placements accomplished with small numbers.

Albert Leduc broke into the NHL in 1925-26 season with the Montreal Canadiens, with big skates to fill; those of Sprague Cleghorn. Leduc would not dissappoint however, scoring 10 goals in his rookie campaign and being a physical, indimidating force in the blueline.

Leduc would prove to be an important pilar of defence on the Canadiens with his offensive, rushing prowess and physicality, earning him the nickname "Battleship". He would also prove to be quite the ironman, missing only 15 games in his first 8 seasons and being in the Canadiens lineup everynight in 1929-30 and 1930-31. He would play an important part in two consecutive CFanadiens cup wins.

Following the 1932-33 season, he would be sold to the Ottawa Senators, and then moved to the Rangers in 1933-34. He would be back with the Canadiens the following year, but would begin playing in the Can-Am league soon aafter and retire as a player in 1937. Always a fan favorite, Leduc left being a legacy as a Canadien.

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