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09-21-2003, 02:47 AM
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How will Broons help Zinovjev adjust to North America is key

the game is pretty much the same, the rink dimensions are different but basically the biggest adjustment I Zinovjev will have is acclimation to NA. I didn't realize he doesn't speak English- and can only hope Sammy takes a liking to him and helps get him acclimated to here. Samsonov has always come across as the ultimate hard working, professional player. No Bure stuff, no Federov stuff, no Kasperitis stuff or Kamensky stories with the Russian mob- Sergei has been nothing short of an organization's dream. I hope the Broons room them together (assuming he makes the team- and if he shows he may be a step behind for NOW, but has the skills that belong in the NHL) then I hope he makes the roster. (anyone who has seen Outside Providence by the Farley Brothers knows how tough a town Providence can be ) seriously though, this is a huge adjustment and the Broons management better have one heck of a translatter/lookeraftererrrr for him. Forget Forsberg, Hasek, Hatcher and Pronger- wait until he hits a rotary. Also, you hear horror stories of players coming from other countries and living at fast food places- right Joe Thornton (I read where Joe said his first year he ate out quite often and usually ended every order with Super Size )

I'm sure they have set up everything for this kid- and hopefully Samsonov is going to be somewhat of a mentor- it would be great if they became very good friends and even teamed up to form the Broons second line.

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as today is pancake overload day and BJ- I can't believe they lost to we need a daily double- Sports Final will be so much more enjoyable

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