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Originally Posted by Garl View Post
Among fans, because in Russia we don't have a lot of good young goalies. Proskuryakov is a midget, good reflexes but makes some silly mistakes and is physically very weak.

Galimov? Very mediocre overall.

Bobrovsky is the best of the bunch, but not even close to Varlamov. Bobrovsky benefits from playing for a weak team where he is always seen as a rescurer and local champion kinda like Tayler Moss in Amur(another overrated KHL goalie).

p.S. Pis'kin74, no I'm not Carla Bruni, sorry to dissapoint you.
i remember a guy (guess WHO?) who says just a year ago that Varlamov is overrated and arent even close to mighty/talented young sweden Markstrom.....THAT person called Markstrom as a future star after just a view good games in SEL (that might be true) but Proskuryakov , who has been one of the best goalies in KHL so far is just overrated and midget,very weak and so on...but he have a chance to be not called as OVERRATED ! he should prove him self in SEL ? who can take that person seriously after that?
PS:as i sayed before every Russian/KHL player are overrated . whats the fuss all about?

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