Thread: Speculation: Call-Ups?
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11-02-2009, 01:12 PM
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if by some crazy unforseen chance (like 3 d guys getting injured in the same game) Subban gets called up, I truly believe he would impress so much that they would be forced to keep him up. The biggest problem with our D is getting the puck up the ice. And thats not just passing the puck, its skating the puck up the ice. The only guy who really does it is Bergeron, and even he is not quite fast enough to out skate guys to get the puck out. Subban is a great skater and could get the puck out simply by skating. Thats something we're really missing. That's what guys like Keith, Seabrook and Campbell are able to do. They destroy the other team's forecheck simply through their unbelievable skating abilities. Our defence is not fast enough, thats why you see them make 2-3 extra passes just to get the puck out. I defended our team and Gainey in preseason that our defence would be better, but i had no idea that Spacek and Mara were that slow. I mean i knew Gill was, but the other 2 guys? I thought Spacek would have no trouble at all to get the puck up the ice, but he's not that smooth. I know its really early in the season but, lets be honest, he's a little disappointing when up against strong fore-checkers.

Anyways it doesn't really matter because the chances of Subban getting called are slim to none. Still, it's nice to dream...

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