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11-02-2009, 01:30 PM
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Originally Posted by slanted View Post

lol, how many forwards actually got points in that game? But please call out O'Reilly and say he was invisible.

Four forwards got points that night including both of his linemates. Scatchard recorded an assist, as well as Colin Wilson. Not to mention points from four defensemen including Franson and Sulzer

Again invisible night for 95% of team...but make sure you point out O'Reilly.

Alright Cal, heres your chance kid...we're gonna put you on a the good line a couple times. The guys you'll be playing with are the best, but as of lately they suck. We're gonna give you some PP time on the worst PP in the league. And we want you to score a bunch of goals, because all of our good guys can't score. If you don't we'll send you back to the AHL where you'll score a bunch of goals and not get any better because there's only so much you can learn from lesser competition. Another demotion will be great for your confidence.

Smithson, Legwand, Franson, Wilson, and Hornqvist registered points in the game again Boston. O'Reilly was on the ice for two of the three Boston goals. As has been explained before, we are limited in our ability to move Cal up and down before he would have to clear waivers. How do you not get it that we might need a center in a few more months?

Yeah I agree here lets send him up and down 4 times since he has 4 games left. This is great for his development.

No one is advocating just sending the kid back and forth. That would, in fact, be incredibly stupid. Explain to me how he's going to develop more with limited fourth line minutes in Nashville than he will with big first line minutes in Milwaukee... please.

Erat got benched? I don't think thats what happened.
So when we're losing but playing hard we should just keep losing and not try and change what needs to be changed? When our big name players a sh*ting the bed, we should try to pull the wool over the fans eyes and send down our future big name guys?

The players who were supposed to win us games and put up points hadn't been. And luckily guys like Smithson stepped it up a couple games so we could get back into it. The coaching staff took it out on Santorelli first, then Jones and now O'rielly. When they were no worse than 95% of our forwards, and should not have been expected to do anything if they're not gonna get help from veterans that should be producing. Now it's starting to look like Wilson is getting on Trotz bad side, invisibility again? But we should give 17mins a game to Scatchard cause he's doing a ton, lol. You're brainwashed.
What exactly are you advocating? Scratching top six guys who aren't producing, and then calling up three or four forwards to replace them? What then happens to the Ads? We just tell them to go ahead an play games with a roster that isn't big enough to even ice three lines? Do you do any sort of fact checking before spewing this crap on these boards, or do you just have such a soft spot for Cal O'Reilly that you'd rather call out someone who obviously knows more about both the sport and the way the teams are managed? What do Santo, Jonesy, and Cal all have in common? They can be moved. The only one of those three who doesn't have a two-way contract is Jones.

Wilson isn't on anyone's bad side. As has also been explained in other threads, the reason for Wilson's minutes being limited is so those moments when he makes a rookie mistakes are also limited, and in return don't hurt the team's chance to win. Unless we are up by three goals with two minutes left this team has shown we can't be comfortable with a lead.

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