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11-02-2009, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by TeamTurris View Post
Sorry OT did anyone attend the Hockey game Saturday dressed as Jerry Moyes? Trucker hat?

This is a good day to have that man 100% out of the picture. It's been discussed briefly in the BOH side, but IF the team isn't sold locally and moves after the season; does the CoG litigate against Jerry for breakage of the AMBULA? I'm sure the CoG will sue someone if the team leaves, just confused who their fight would effectively be with.
I think he would be the first target. They never did litigate the "chilling bids" issue and I assume they could go back to that, the damage done to the franchise, and maybe go after Moyes personally. They could also go after Balsillie for the same reason and argue JM and JB "colluded" to damage the franchise and keep other bidders away; and they could also go after the NHL if the league doesn't, in the eyes of the COG, make a reasonable attempt to sell the team locally as its bid requires it to do.

All speculation and I don't know if any of the issues would see the light of day in the eyes of a judge, but I think they'd have plenty of targets to shoot at.

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