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09-21-2003, 04:31 AM
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Originally Posted by HABitual
Personally I don't give too much importance to pre-season scores. It means nothing. Heck we could lose them all for all I care, it doesn't mean a thing if we're READY when the season starts.
I agree and would like to elaborate on the reasons why:

1- We had a good pre-season campaign last year and a horrible season.

2- The players that did well during pre-season last year (Ribeiro, Czerkawski, Hainsey...) did nothing during the season.

3- CJ is implementing a NEW defensive system. Players need time to learn it and adjust. On top of that, he plays guys that never played together on the same line and juggles with his combinations to see who fits with who, which is likely to have our forwards appear rusty on the ice. It will settle as the games go by and more cuts are made.

4- MOST IMPORTANT: We've been dominating both games against the Bruins and the Sens, playing well defensively and outshooting the other teams. Our forwards were rusty and a lot of ice time was given to the yougnsters. So is it better to be dominated and win those meaningless games or be dominant and lose them? If we're dominant, that means we're doing good things on the ice, and playing as a team, having good younsters that are ready to take it to the next level, and this will likely pay off over the course of the season, when all the elements are in place.

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