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11-02-2009, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by DouXer4ouR View Post
Well Moyes is officially done as owner of the Coyotes. This is good news but I'm still skeptical at the future outlook of the Coyotes Franchise. I mean, okay we will have a new owner, but what if the team still loses money, then what. We are right back in the same situation as Moyes. With the way the fan support is right now, I don't see that much of a jump in attendance just because we have a new owner in town. Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it. At least with a new owner we will have the team here for a few more years, and hopefully we can be an exciting and competitive team to watch and once again build up our fan base. We took a step forward with the NHL owning us temporarily, let's just hope we keep moving ahead.
i think the idea will be to promote the hell out of the fact that the team will be saying in AZ for years...if IE ends up owning the team that's there plan. the stable ownership + commitment to the market could attract new fans and/or bring back old ones especially if y'all keep your winning ways. i know IE has said that they have been in talks with glendale about new promotions and advertising for both the team and westgate, so they're already beginning the process. let's hope they don't get too far ahead of themselves though, they don't actually own the team yet.

they also acknowledge that they will be losing money for probably (at least) the first two years and accept that fact, but believe they can make it profitable down the line once moyes'/balsillie's mess is cleaned up. let's hope that their plan works.

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