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11-02-2009, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
Oh, by the way... if you're floored by Smithson's play because he has three goals, consider this:

Smithson has 3G and 0A for 3pts in 13 games.

Jean Pierre Dumont has 3G and 8A for 11pts in 9 games.
Weber 5G and 4A for 9pts in 13 games.
Hornqvist 3G and 5A for 8pts in 13 games (who you mentioned, and whom we are all impressed by)
Suter 2G and 5A for 7pts in 13 games
Arnott 3G and 2A for 5pts in 7 games
Sullivan 2G and 3A for 5pts in 13 games
Ward 1G and 3A for 4 pts in 11 games

And finally, David Legwand, who is tied for points with Jerred Smithson, with 0G and 3A for 3 pts in 13 games. Are we getting more bang for the buck with Smithers? Definitely. Has he been surprising? Of course. Do I expect him become a consistent points producer close to what Erat, Legwand, or Sullivan have shown they can be? hahaha

Am I happy with .500 hockey? Considering we've played Chicago three times, Dallas three times and twice in Dallas, Boston, and a Colorado team who was handed one of their three regulation losses by us and is currently sitting atop the conference we could be in a much worse position. Don't forget about Ottawa and Buffalo who aren't doing too bad in the East right now.

I am well aware that we didn't win all of the games I just mentioned, but we also didn't lose all of them. Save two blow outs in the middle of a six game skid and we haven't been embarrassed. We've allowed goals in bunches more than anyone would care to see, and we had an incredibly ugly win in Ottawa to pull us out of a slump. A win that came after two respectable outings.

Bottom line is you're right to be unhappy with Legwand and Erat. I don't think there's a person who considers him or herself a Predator fan who doesn't want them, and Sully, to produce more offensively. However, Legwand has been making the effort lately, and the rest of the team has been also. You're reading entirely too much unto a rather minor transaction between an NHL team and its AHL affiliate.
Thank you, and thats all I'm saying. I'm seeing no attempt by Trotz to straighten out these players, yet he's publicly giving the previously mentioned reasons for these young guys. This is nothing new from him, Young kids don't get the treatment the vets do. And I don't like it. I don't see it at all healthy to development or to getting vets to play better.

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