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Originally Posted by Garl View Post
I know perfectly well that Markstrom now is 19. But he started to play in SEL at the age of 18.

As for KHL vs SEL, once again I wasn't going to compare leagues and it doesn't matter if KHL is better or not. What matters is that SEL is at least as good in producing players, and certainly better in producing goalies.

P.S. Wet dreams? Come on buddy, stop judging others by yourself.
we know many examples when young and talented become a bust!like Lehtonen for example. ( i hope i am wrong in case of Markstrom) Proskuryakov have been main goalie in Metallurg second season in row and he isnt old either ( only 22) . however for some reason he is overrated ( we all know why).
SEL nor KHL produce a goalies but junior hockey systems. talking about numbers? currently there is 4 goalies from Russia and 4 from Sweden in NHL. Russians have a 3 first goalies out of 4 and Sweden only 1(Lundqist). so based on what you are saying SEL producing better goalies?
PS: i havnt seen anybody else on HFB who continuously bashing one specific nation like you? i would say thats sick

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