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12-06-2004, 03:40 PM
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Good article, by the way...

although it's funny to hear him say that the salaries would be linked to revenue, but that doesn't preclude someone from giving Jagr $11 million - of course he failed to mention that with one payer making that much, it may be tough signing an entire team. It's all BS, but funny to read. Perhaps before giving out franchises to certain cities the league should've determined how these franchises would be supported. Really, North Carolina? Hockey?

007...the outcome of this CBA will determine Bettman's fate. If he gets his 'cost certainty', then those rich owners make out like bandits. The Flyers, Rangers, Wings, etc., spend a great deal less on players, and don't reduce ticket prices (revenue). That flows to the bottom line. Think they'd complain about Bettman's ill-advised over-expansion when they have a framework that even in bad times, and horrible years, they'll be able to make a very good profit. And heck, those franchises can be run poorly and they'd stil make money.

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