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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Prospects of Interest

I've been thinking about doing this every once in a while, kind of when I feel like I have something to talk about (maybe around the end of every month) to give everyone a feel of what's going on. Focusing a bit on our goalies this time with a few others added.

Joacim Eriksson - 6th in AllSven in both GAA (2.36) and sv% (0.924). He's 5th in average shots faced per game with 29. His move up to the AllSven has not seemed to set him back at all.

Adam Morrison - He faced 40 shots twice this year. First time (season opener) he gave up 1 goal, and the second time (two games ago) he gave up 6. He has since rebounded well and gave up only 2 in the last game. His GAA/sv% stands at 2.77/0.914 with a record of 5-2-1 in the month of October.

Andrei Popov - 10 goals and 5 assists in 18 games. He currently leads his team in scoring. Alessandro mentioned above that he's showing versatility. Basically he's doing it all right now for his KHL team: PP, PK, EV, etc.

Kevin Marshall - 2nd highest +/- among Phantoms defenders behind Mormina. He has an assist (but who cares) and 10 PIMs. He's playing fairly well though the team is kind of up and down in the win-loss.

Marc-Andre Bourdon - Didn't have the greatest camp, but the organization really likes him. He doesn't really jump out offensively with only 2 assists, but he's played 3 less games than basically everyone else thanks to the call-up. His defense isn't nearly as bad as people expected. He's doing well and is a +1, right behind Marshall.

Brad Phillips - Look at the big man on campus. Starting once again apparently since missing all last year with that injury. 4 GP with 1-3 record, but he's not to blame. 2.27/0.918. ND seems terrible this year. They even lost to Jared Ross' old team Alabama-Huntsville. It was like their Super Bowl.

Jacob DeSerres - Change of scenery working? 3 games with the Thunderbirds he was 5.00/0.851. 2 games with the Wheat Kings he is 2.40/0.909. Not great, but MUCH better. I think someone in this thread said that he's "dangerously close to being a non-prospect?"

Zac Rinaldo - Well, in two more games than Kadri he only has two less points. Doesn't really look like a break out year for him. He's pacing the same as last season pretty much, including PIMs.

Dave Labrecque - Doesn't look like he's going to be breaking out some incredible offensive skills in the Q. Pacing about the same as always. The undrafted 19-year-old Pierre-Alexandre Vandall is doing some crazy things in the offensive zone though for the team.

Denis Bodrov - "His involution has been incredible in the past 2-3 years." -Alessandro Seren Rosso. Think of this as a major implosion I guess. It's not looking good. He isn't used regularly or on PP/PK. He does have 1 goal in the 11 games he's skated but is a -2 which is tied for 2nd worst among blueliners on the team.
I really appreciate the update. I'm not able to keep on prospects on my own so I really do appreciate it. I would like it if you kept up with the pseudo-updates.

I really like our goalie prospect pool. To be honest I wasn't even aware that we had a goalie named Phillips.

I never expected Bodrov to turn into anything really so I'm not surprised. I'm hoping Popov can turn into something eventually.

How's Sinisalo been doing?

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