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09-21-2003, 06:20 AM
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Originally Posted by WE WANT LARAQUE
We all know the scoop about the contract problem correct?

Bruins offer 1 year, ten percent raise (Lame IMO)
Bruins off 2 year 1.2?(Please correct that as Im not checking my work)

Nick and his agent turned it down..


When does Nick get his arbitration rights?
The Cba negotiations could work in the players favor this time?
Nick could be one of those hard negotiating types - as he was with Washington, and now twice with the bruins..

Post your solution, and lets debate it out..

Trade him? Give him more on the One year deal? Go for a 3 year pact?
Other options?

Personally, I cannot see Boynton only being worth 770k when you are paying Hal Gill 2 Mill..
Eric Gagne makes $400,000; Albert Pujols makes less than a mil; Boynton has to wait his turn and due his time- the Broons are absolutely right here- and you will find no bigger Boynton fan on this board. I have no problem with this two year deal- as long as it doesn't get in the mud it should be worked out. He's vital to this team who without the defense suffers significantly but with is OK- IF he and Jillson both are on the ice and playing well the future looks pretty damn good. I have read a few Jillson posts that make him seem like he's struggling and have yet to see him in a practice or game- but the comments I heard is that quite the contrary he is giving glimpses of someone who is starting to look like an NHLer- and I took that to mean a decent one. I can hardly wait to see him myself (not that I'd have a clue- although I did recognize Orr would be good even at 7 )

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