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12-06-2004, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by heavyhauler
hey guys, i need some help.I'm coaching a Batam house"tier3" team. My guys seem to have a real problem reading the play and anticipating were the puck is going to go. I have looked thru my practice drills and can't find any that may help them out for these 2 things. Do you have any thoughts on how to get them to read the play?
Are you talking about all zones? There are different reads like forecheck reads, reading the rush reads for D. Backchecker reads for forwards. PK reads. Knowing play patterns will give you a leg up on what is coming. Perhaps at the lower levels you can encourage your players to be in certain spots and that will help counter their lack of read and react ability. You can try and simulate gamelike conditions in practice, seeing what they do naturally and then stop the play and make adjustments- repetition being the practice key.

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