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11-04-2009, 10:22 AM
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This is a badass thread.
My Top Finn Bands.

5.Old Bodom. **** that new ****.

Kalmah I just think has been flawless so far. Everyone of their albums has been great. Black Waltz is unreal.

Moonsorrow is just all you need really. I saw em live recently, and they reproduced everything you hear so well. Amazing.

Ensiferum's First album was like, a stroke of genius. Every after has been really great, and solid, but just cant be that first one for me. Their new album is pretty sweet, they seem to be going to a pretty nice direction.

Sentenced is ****ing just awesome. They went through so many different phases, from early black, to death, to melodic death, then they came out with ****ing Cold White Light... Anyway, they are great.

And yeah, no matter how lame Bodom is now... Their few first albums (Follow the Reaper and back) were just inspiring. Hate Crew was good, but you knew that the next album was gonna suck. And it did.

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