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09-21-2003, 07:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Laperriere22
Nice pass on the first goal? The first goal was the 3-on-2 with Williams leading the rush on RW, winds up and takes a slapper that's deflected by Kasparaitis right over to Hudler. Lampman is looking at Hudler when the puck comes right to Hudler; the first goal was a complete fluke. Even Hudler's shot was ugly on that goal.

The second goal was a nice re-direction, but Hudler was wide open. He didn't shake a defender because there wasn't one. Williams bodied Tjutin off the puck to start the play, King swoops in, takes the puck, and goes around Purinton (quite easily I might add). Scott had the point covered well. The problem was Larose and Ortmyer were both playing Schneider moving into the zone. Right as King is about to make the pass, Ortmyer realizes there's a man wide open and turns to cover him. Way too late by that time though. I gave credit to Hudler for finishing the play, but all the hard work was done by Williams on the forecheck and King for making a very difficult pass look easy. The tip wasn't exactly easy, but I expect offensive forwards to finish those plays (at the very least I expect them to put it on goal from that distance). Hudler was named 2nd star of the game, but he was not the best player on the Wings IMO; he just had the two goals to point at when it was all said and done. Zetterberg, Holmstrom, and Williams were all much better players tonight than Hudler IMO.

It's been so long since I've seen hockey, I resorted to taping a preseason game between the Rangers and Wings. What's the world coming to?
My bad it was the second goal I was talking about

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