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09-21-2003, 07:13 AM
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Originally Posted by Peter Sidorkiewicz
Well you won't get more than Stefan and a draft pick/defenceman (not Exelby) for Comrie. Even if it was Comrie straight up for Stefan, I'll still think twice about it because Stefan brings a lot of things to the table for Atlanta (size, defence, speed, improving offensive awareness and production) while Comrie is mainly just a pure offensive talent - I must admit a very good one though. The fact that he is holding out means that his value is going to drop and keep on dropping.

Edmonton GM better act fast and trade him while his value is reasonably high or it could turn out into another Marc Savard situation where he gets traded for an unknown prospect due mainly because of the GM's reluctance of delaying the trade for such a long period of time.
Stefan and a pick or depth dman or Stefan alone for Comrie? Are you serious? If you wouldn't trade Stefan for Comrie then you aren't too concerned with improving your team. Comrie is leaps and bounds above Stefan as a centre. Yes, Comrie isn't the most sound defensive player in the game but you don't want your top centre worrying about defence. His offence alone is worth the defensive defficiency. Oh right, Stefan has size (overrated characteristic), defence, speed, improving offensive awareness and production. Ok, let's see. The only thing Stefan has over Comrie is size and defence. Size to me is not as important as people seem to think. I'll take a 5'9 guy who can produce over a 6'3 guy who hasn't. Improving offensive awareness and production? So at his pace, Stefan should hit 50 points in what, 5 years? Come on now, Comrie is the better player, far and away.

And why does everyone think Comrie's value will go down because he's holding out? Yes, some teams will think less of him but there are also other teams that will still have very high regard for him. Making such a statement isn't true at all. And no, this is not another Savard situation. Savard had a terrible attitude and was a problem for the team. As far as I know, Comrie has nothing like that. Yes, he is holding out but his play on the ice and in the dressing room is in no way similar to Savard.

Bottom line, Atlanta won't get Comrie for Stefan and a pick. Lowe is in the position where he doesn't have to trade Comrie, if he wants to he can let him sit until he gets a deal he likes.

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