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11-04-2009, 06:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Inferno272 View Post
Higher salary=higher expectations.

higher expectations=higher scrutiny

I hate it when people say "don't look at the salary!" Baloney. You're damn right you look at the salary. I own my own company, if i have an employee who is being paid more money, i hold him to a higher standard than the grunt who does all the crap work nobody else wants to. i expect more productivity, and more of a contribution to my company to make them profitable. I didn't hire that expensive guy to do the same work the grunt level guys do, only to pay him 3 or 4 times more... i hired him to add something unique, that i couldnt get from a grunt being paid minimum wage. if he doesn't bring that to the team, then he would be fired.

I don't go...well, let me ignore what he is making and just judge his body of work in some arbitrary manner. No...your salary is most definitely directly correlated to your level of production. It's why I don't really have a problem with Dan Girardi as much as other ppl...the guy is being paid roughly what he deserves. It's why I have such a big problem right now with Drury. His salary is not proportionate to his on-ice contribution, and as such he deserves all the negative comments he gets. If he were being paid 1.5 million dollars a year, i guarantee you 95% of the people complaining wouldn't say much at all about him.
If you hire a guy who does good work, and pay him like he's a top guy in your field, then its your fault for overvaluing him by that much in the first place.

How do you not blame Glen Sather for the contract?

And lets face it, if someone offered you that much money, would you seriously not take it?

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