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Hewas a scrappy winger who was known as a "Fighting Irishman" in the company of the Flying Frenchmen of Quebec.-LOH
He excelled as an effective checker and a nifty stickhandler with a respectable shot. -LOH
During the finals of his first big-league season, him and his defensive corps were instrumental in shutting down the Bruins' Kraut Line of Schmidt, Bauer, and Dumart. The end result was a Stanley Cup victory for the Habs.-LOH
The Max Bentley-Bill Mosienko-Doug Bentley trio again squared off against *******, ***** ***********, and Jimmy Peters of the Canadiens, and figured no more prominently than in the previous game-NY Times
Peters' solo goal came at 16:55 of OT and broke up a fast, thrilling contest. Peters snared a loose puck in the Boston zone and raced in to beat Frank Brimsek with a low, tricky shot.-NY Times, 3/22/1496, after Game 2 of Round 1, en route to cup victory.
He played an important role in the Wings' championship season.- Years Of Glory: The Official Book of the NHL's Six-team Era
With our 19th selection, the Cairo Desert Dogs proudly select...


Awards and Achievements
3 x Stanley Cup (1946, 1950, 1954)
1 x Stanley Cup Finalist (1947)

Top 20's
Goals- 8th(1953)
Assists- 14th(1946)
Points- 18th(1951), 13th(1953)

Jimmy Peters began his career in 1946, after serving for the 3rd Canadian Heavy Recovery Corps in Normandy in World War II. He would make an immiediate impact, playing on the Habs defensive line and excelling in that role. He would be an important part in shutting down the Bruins Kraut line on his way to a cup win in his first big-league season.

After his time with the Habs, Peters woul make stints with the Bruins, and then the Red Wings whe he had the most success, winning two stanley cups and coming 8th in league goals in a season there. After his final season, he would play with the Winnipeg Bulldogs senior club before retiring, leaving behind a fine legacy as a gritty defensive specalist.

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